The public sector is a significant part of the UK economy and is not to be missed as a potential source of new business. salesSMART holds a significant amount of public sector data with senior decision maker contact details.

Having detailed public sector data that includes job titles and roles, before you make your first contact, is a real advantage. Up-to-date, high quality and detailed information will help you get straight to the right decision maker and tailor your message to get the best results.

Our team regularly validate our leads to ensure that we always get you to the right person, preventing wasted call costs.

The combination of our data, together with all of the features within salesSMART makes our product unique and easily the best value for money to get your marketing effort up and runnning.

salesSMART gives you not only the information at your fingertips but also gives you;

  • Google Maps Search for geographical targeting and meeting planning
  • Built-in CRM with notes, follow-ups diary, file attachment, pipeline value
  • Automated Daily Follow-Up emails
  • Built-in Emailing platform
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Analyse your leads by industry, geography, job titles etc
  • Upload and manage your own leads in salesSMART
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