To manage your company's interactions with current and future customers there are a raft of options from Excel spreadsheets to the most advanced enterprise platforms. Neither of these options suit a small business and none come with the 2.5 million built in B2B leads that salesSMART's online CRM offers..

salesSMART online CRM is different. We provide a set of core functions that are used every day. We dont over-complicate things with tons of features you'll never use, and your users won't understand.

Our online CRM is designed to simply ensure that you never miss an opportunity. From the first call using the integrated VOIP dialler (calls cost under 1p/min), to the close of a sale, you can keep track of an opportunity using a simple but powerful interface, to add notes, set follow-up tasks, specify opportunity value and status, and even attach files such as quotes and proposals.

Our integrated VOIP Click To Call costs under 1p/minute so tele-marketing is fast, efficient and low cost, whilst our integrated email-marketing platform makes effective digital marketing a cinch.

Every user recieves an email each morning with a summary of any follow-up's due that day, ensuring nothing is missed.

Whether you have in-house sales, field sales, or a combination of both, salesSMART online CRM provides all the tools needed to manage your organisations sales pipeline efficiently and at an ultra-low monthly cost.

The built-in pipeline reporting allows you to keep track of all leads in your pipeline via charts and downloadable Excel reports.

You can have your own custom pipeline status values, and up to 20 custom fields of your choice using checkboxes, drop-down lists, option buttons or text fields.

If you have multiple sales people using the system, the administrator reporting can easily keep track of all their sales activity and even prompt and set further tasks via the Admin Centre. 

If you already have your own contacts in Excel or another CRM system, it's simple to upload them into salesSMART ready to manage together with the 2.5 million leads we provide you. If you think that your data could do with some attention, such as standardizing, de-duplicating or even enhancing, we can take care of it. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements and we'll provide a quotation.

salesSMART gives you not only the information at your fingertips but also gives you;

  • Google Maps Search for geographical targeting and meeting planning
  • Built-in CRM with dialler, notes, follow-ups diary, file attachment, pipeline value
  • Automated Daily Follow-Up emails
  • Built-in Emailing platform
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Analyse your leads by industry, geography, job titles etc
  • Upload and manage your own leads in salesSMART
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