Selling products & services to busy IT managers is a tough business. Most of them are overstretched and have little time to listen to a sales pitch. Thats why you need to know as much about their business before you make that first contact.

Our IT managers data, with over 30,000 IT contacts gives you a cost effective method of directly getting in touch with the decision maker – the best use of your time and sales energy. The data sources include names, phone numbers and email addresses where available, giving you a range of contact channels.

The range of attributes on our data gives you the ability to target by geography, precise industry, company size as well as location type such as head office or branch. Our built-in email platform lets you easily send eye catching, focussed marketing messages to your target leads that will deliver dividends for a very low outlay.

salesSMART gives you not only the information at your fingertips but also gives you;

  • Built-in CRM
  • Automated Daily Follow-Up alerts
  • Built-in Emailing platform
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Analyse your leads by industry, geography, job titles etc
  • Upload and manage your own leads in salesSMART
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