The key to getting a good return on your marketing spend it to target the B2B marketing lists that are most likely to be interested in your offering. Don't scatter gun, that just wastes money and is detrimental to your brand.

By researching your sales leads in advance, you will be in a better position to be able to convince them that your products or services meet their particular requirements. By using our job title and job function selections you'll be able to ensure that you are contacting the person that can make a decision to buy.

We service every business sector and have over 2.5 million business records on our B2B marketing lists. The information you receive will include locality, size of business, the names and contact details of the decision-makers, turnover, employees, budgets, premise types and type of industry.

Our B2B marketing lists are kept up to date by making over 180,000 validation checks every month, to make sure that the info we provide you with is current and useful. We are so certain of the quality of the data they provide, we will guarantee that 95% of the phone numbers, 95% of addresses and 90% of emails we provide will deliver you to the lead.

With salesSMART you can manage your own leads, use our leads, operate a CRM system, have an email platform, all within a single online tool. No IT costs, no training, no maintenance contract, it couldn't be easier.

salesSMART gives you not only B2B marketing lists at your fingertips but also gives you;

  • Google Maps Search for geographical targeting and meeting planning
  • Built-in CRM with notes, follow-ups diary, file attachment, pipeline value
  • Automated Daily Follow-Up emails
  • Built-in Emailing platform
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Analyse your leads by industry, geography, job titles etc
  • Upload and manage your own leads in salesSMART
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