To execute an effective marketing campaign, and get the best possible return on investment, you need good quality B2B data lists. Thats where salesSMART comes in.

We provide high quality, well researched B2B data lists that ensure the highest level of deliverability across all channels - mail, phone and email.

Our B2B data lists are searchable in order to filter by key attributes such as industry, company size and location in order to allow you to target your offering as effectively as possible. Not only is the cost of your list as low as possible, the costs of postage, phone calls and email delivery will be optimized through the use of accurate data.

Our B2B data lists database is kept up to date by making over 180,000 validation checks every month, to make sure that the info we provide you with is current and useful. We are so certain of the quality of the data they provide, we will guarantee that 95% of the phone numbers, 95% of addresses and 90% of emails we provide will deliver you to the lead.

salesSMART gives you not only the B2B data lists info at your fingertips but also gives you;

  • Google Maps Search for geographical targeting and meeting planning
  • Built-in CRM with notes, follow-ups diary, file attachment, pipeline value
  • Automated Daily Follow-Up emails
  • Built-in Emailing platform
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Analyse your leads by industry, geography, job titles etc
  • Upload and manage your own leads in salesSMART
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