A good starting point is asking yourself questions on where you want to be and the steps you will take to get there. Do you need to improve your marketing campaigns and targeting? Are your sales strategies working or do they need re thinking? Whatever your goals our platform and expertise can help maximise the growth potential of your business.


Brand recognition – What can this do for you?

In your industry, your brand is what gives your company identity and separates you from every other business. Who knows about you, and what do you know about other brands in your sector?

With salesSMART you can carry out regular communications to your target market to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of their mind when it comes to sourcing products and services.


How can you improve your marketing?

Marketing your business is all about bringing your product or service to the attention of the right customer at the right time. To do this effectively, you need high-quality, detailed information on your prospective customers and your market.

salesSMART gives your business the ability to access up-to-date accurate and detailed information on you customers and prospects. This means that your marketing decisions will be based on good intelligence and you marketing spend will be used effectively.


Are you targeting the right businesses?

salesSMART users have access to over 2.2  million live company records, which are updated monthly, and use our platform to target the companies they want to deal with on that day. With filtering by location, industry, company size, job titles and more, ensuring you get to the right person has never been easier. Mass marketing and large target lists are becoming a thing of the past, because of poor response rates; targeting the right businesses can mean better sales for your business. Instead of buying a list of 2,000 records that is instantly out of date, you could use salesSMART to target the right prospects each day


How do you find new customers?

The way to increase your customer base is to find new customers, but how do you go about finding those new customers and making sure they are the right businesses for you? With salesSMART you can profile your existing customers by industry, size, location, and use this information to select similar types of new prospects from our 2.2 million contacts. Also, with thousands of new contacts coming onto our database every month, there are great opportunities to target new business.